IJITM Vol. I Issue 3 October 2013

Optimal Communication with Multi-Antenna, Multi-Group and Multi-Way Relaying

Authors : Frank Banaseka Kataka, Benuwa Ben-Bright

Configuration Management: A comparative Analysis of CVS and SVN

Authors : Arnold Mashud Abukari

Quality, Category and Characteristics of Secured Requirements

Authors : Mohammad Ubaidullah Bokhari, Mahtab Alam

The Influence Factor: A Study of Advertising and Use of Mobile Telecommunication Networks of Students from two Universities in Ghana

Authors : Adjin-Tettey Thedora Dame, Bolfrey Andy, Bugase Carl Awetoga, Adotey Theresa, Dodoo Stephen Jnr


IJITM Vol. I Issue 3 October 2013

Work Life Balance and the Role of HR in Enterprise: An Empirical Study

Authors : Dr. Dhirendra Kumar Tripathi

Internet Using Habit Among Junior High School Students of Nima, Accra - Ghana

Authors : Etornam Komla Buami

The Perception and Usage of Weather Forecast Information by Residents of African Concrete Products (ACP) Estates and Farmers in Selected Communities Around Pokuase in the Ga West Municipality of Ghana

Authors : Adjin-Tettey Theodora Dame

Contextualising the Underperformance of Rural Education in northern Ghana: Management Approach

Authors : Nii Armah Addy

Marketing the Political Product: Perspectives among Tertiary Students

Authors : Kwesi Apoh Benyi

The Impact of Technology in Organizations: An Empirical Review

Authors : Carl-Reindolph Asante