IJICTM – International Journal of ICT and Management

Aim and Scope

The International Journal of ICT and Management is a platform dedicated to shaping future research and development activities in both academia and industry. The platform highlights cutting edge research which would have a direct impact on real life business and technology use cases. The global business environment and the stakeholders is in the midst of transformational change and the journal is committed to making a difference by fostering research with credible real life use cases and implications.

International Journal of ICT and Management (IJICTM) will focus on publishing articles describing recent fundamental contributions in the field of Management and Computational Science, with a view point to encourage new ideas and perspectives on existing research. Contributors might be asked to complement their paper submissions with a write-up on the implications of their research on real world use cases. We do NOT discriminate between the methodology adopted to perform research – Qualitative research methodologies are given similar consideration by the editorial and the peer review board as empirical studies rooted in quantitative research methodologies. Academic cases (with teaching notes) to further classroom pedagogy or industry case studies are welcome too, provided they meet the exacting standards of publication set by the editorial and the academic advisory board.

IJICTM is a high quality peer-reviewed journal devoted to the publication of original research papers in ICT and Management and its broad range of applications. With a deep rooted belief in the inclusivity of knowledge, the no-fee platform promotes scientists and new research scholars to publish their original work which meets academic rigor and the standards set by the think tank (Editors and the Advisory board) of the journal. Furthering our deep rooted belief of inclusivity of knowledge, the open access of the IJICTM ensures that the content is freely available without charge to any user or his/her institution, with the permission to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles in this journal.


Real-life application articles of the academic research papers

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