IJICTM Vol. 6 Issue 2 December 2018

Study of Computerized media image segmentation depanding on Asynchronous and Inertia Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization

Authors : Ms. Swati Goel

A Survey on Dance Gesture Recognition

Authors : Mr. Kriti Verma


IJICTM Vol. 6 Issue 2 December 2018

The Starring Role and Significance of Emotional Intelligence in Knowledge Management

Authors : Ms.Nandini Mishra

Copyright protection of Digital Images using Biometric Watermarking

Authors : Ms. Nidhi Upreti

Sensitive Skin

Authors : Mr. Prakhar Goel

Prescriptive analytics

Authors : Ms. Swati Goel

Digital Jewellery

Authors : Ms. Salvee Verma

English-Hindi MT Divergence

Authors : Ms. Neelakshi Goel